MapPlug is facility management software that lets you mark your building information on an interactive map

Map out all your critical assets in an easy to use system

Customizable Layers

Besides displaying the standard layers on your map like Water, Gas, Fire Sprinkler, and Electric, you can customize to add whatever layers fit your specific needs.

Import Images

Easily import the floor plans of your buildings and the images and instructions for water systems, fire suppression systems, first aid services, and more.

Cloud Based

All your information is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. No more binders of instructions tucked away in the back office.

Mobile Friendly

All of the maps and infographics are responsive and will display beautifully on your device whether it's a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop.

Anyone Can Help With an Issue

If there is a crisis, whether it's a leaking pipe or a gas line issue, the infographics set up in your MapPlug system can show anyone how to handle the issue with easy-to-follow instructions.

Protect Your Data and Share Safely

Have a visiting technician that only needs to see very limited data? Set specific access for visitors and guests, and keep all your information secure.

Document your buildings

Add your floor plans to an interactive map and mark where everything is

Add instructions so that anyone can manage critical assets and deal with a building emergency
Centralize all your property information
Document buildings before handover
Give information to visiting techs
Track building assets
Give access to first responders

Watch MapPlug in action

Watch this short video to get a quick idea of what MapPlug really does.

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Tight security

If you're putting all your building information into a database, then security probably quickly becomes one of your biggest concerns. And it's one of ours, too.

All data is stored securely in the cloud on protected AWS servers.

MapPlug does not allow any of your building information to be accessed without an account. Nothing is public. You choose who to give access to by creating an account for them.

Do some users only need certain information? It's easy to limit what categories of information each user sees, too. Limit access on a "need to know" basis. Change or revoke user access at any time.

Need help setting things up?

Setting your buildings up in MapPlug goes quickly, but if you're concerned about the time that it will take your staff to get your building details and everything documented, MapPlug can provide either remote or in-person technicians to take all your building info and set it up for you at an affordable rate.

Have your facilities ready to go in MapPlug quickly by letting us set it up for you.

Do you have floor plans that need to be cleaned up or converted to PNG so that MapPlug can use them?

No problem! We are happy to prep your floor plan files for you, and we can even set them up in your account for you.

Don't have floor plans at all? Not a problem either! We can connect you with services that can create as-is floor plans of your building.

Who is MapPlug for?

For Property Managers

Taking care of properties? Document all the aspects of the buildings so that your staff can go between properties and still know where everything is. Keep records of new installations directly in the map. Embed your floor plans and keep track of how everything works.
For Facility Managers

Document your institutional knowledge within MapPlug. Create step by step guides detailing how to take care of different building tasks and maintenance so that staff turnover or retirements doesn't leave you in the dark. Help any building tenant take care of an emergency situation so that your job is easier.
For Schools

What if you have issues with the gas lines at your school, and the maintenance man isn't there that day? By storing your floor plans and infographics in MapPlug, any staff member or administrator could learn in a moment how to deal with the issues.
For Office Buildings

Keep track of where all your assets are and how to operate them in one central location. Track office furniture and equipment. Maintain an interactive database of your floor plans with infographics and instructions for everything.

Selling your building? Document everything for an easy handover to the new owner.
For Home Owner Associations

Tenants can help manage day-to-day operations of residential buildings or come out in an emergency to act fast to minimize damage to the building.
For Churches

Centralize information on where critical assets and security systems are within your church building, for routine maintenance or in a time of crisis.
For Emergency Preparedness

Organize location plans for tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Note the locations of defribrillators and other medical equipment. Assemble instructions of where to go during lockdowns and the steps to take to ensure safety in the case of an attack or an active shooter.

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