Add your floor plans to an interactive map
with instructions so that anyone can manage critical assets and deal with a building emergency

What if the unexpected happens and faculty or residents need to handle an issue? Turn off a water main in a crisis? Locate a defibrillator? Shut off the gas line?

MapPlug lets you import your buildings' floor plans and add the specific locations for all your critical assets, along with instructions that anyone can understand.

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floorplan mapping facility management tools

Want to try MapPlug for free?

We need people like you to try the beta version. It's free, we just ask for a little feedback in exchange. It has all the paid features and we're here to help you get set up if you need it!


Customizable Layers

Besides displaying the standard layers on your map like Water, Gas, Fire Sprinkler, and Electric, you can customize to add whatever layers fit your specific needs.

Import Images

Easily import the floor plans of your buildings and the images and instructions for water systems, fire supression systems, first aid services, and more.

Cloud Based

All your information is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. No more binders of instructions tucked away in the back office.

Mobile friendly

All of the maps and infographics are responsive and will display beautifully on your device whether it's a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop.

Anyone can use it

If there is a crisis, whether it's a leaking pipe or a gas line issue, the infographics set up in your MapPlug system can show anyone how to handle the issue with easy-to-follow instructions.

Share with password protection

Have a visiting technician that only needs to see very limited data? Set specific access for visitors and guests, and keep all your information secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MapPlug for?

MapPlug is for anyone who manages a building, or might need to take care of some aspect of the building in a crisis. Facility Managers can benefit from the system, as well as employees at a school or residents in a condominium, for example.

How is MapPlug used?

Load an interactive map of your building's floorplan on your desktop, table or smart phone and view different layers, such as Gas, Water, IT, Security. Choose the area of concern, select the item and see clear instructions how to control or turn off the specific asset.

How do I add my information?

From a desktop, there is an easy walk through method to import your floorplan. Then you mark the locations of your assets, like gas valves, water mains, IT closets, et cetera, whatever you need. After that, use our step by step system to import images and add text instructions. We have videos to explain the whole process.

What does MapPlug do?

The point of MapPlug is to give anyone the critical information they need to take care of a building issue, whether it's a burst water line or an out of control heater. Beyond emergency situations, it's also very helpful to simply know where everything is, and how it's controlled.

Why do I need it?

Emergency preparedness, storing information on where important parts of the building are located, and displaying how to manage your building's assets are all potential uses of MapPlug.

Who is creating it?

SFM in Nashville created this as an internal tool for our own facility management needs, and it became such a valuable tool to the facility management staff as well as our clients that we decided to bring it to market as a standalone service.

Use Cases

school facility management

For Schools

What if you have issues with the gas lines at your school, and maintenance man Gus isn't there that day? By storing your floor plans and inforgraphics in MapPlug, any staff member or administrator could learn in a moment how to deal with the issues.

office facility management

For Office Buildings

Keep track of where all your assets are and how to operate them in one central location. Maintain an interactive database of your floorplans with infographics and instructions for everything.

home owner associate facility management

For HOAs

Tenants can help manage day-to-day operations of residential buildings or come out in an emergency to act fast to minimize damage to the building.

church facility management

For Churches

Centralize information on where critical assets and security systems are within your church building, for routine maintenance or in a time of crisis.

emergency preparedness

For Emergency Preparedness

Organize location plans for tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Note the locations of defribrillators and other medical equipment. Assemble instructions of where to go during lockdowns and the steps to take to ensure safety in the case of an attack or an active shooter.

Get in early while it is free

MapPlug is live with the beta launch (meaning that the program is mostly finished, but still needs some polishing), and we are looking for some companies to be participants in our beta version for free.

If you need more information about the Beta program or have any questions, email us at [email protected].

Want a discount on MapPlug for life?

We have a limited amount of lifetime discounts available, just sign up early to get half off for the life of your subscription.