How to get set up on MapPlug in just 3 minutes

Want to get started with MapPlug but not sure what to do?

Watch this video below or read the instructions. It's easier than you think to get started.

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How to get started

  1. Visit to sign up
  1. After signing up, you'll be taken to your facility on a map
  2. Click the "Edit Facility" Icon in the top left
  3. There is a default building and it is listed in the left panel under your facility name. If you click on it, you can rename it.
  4. Click the "+ New Floor" button and you can create and name a floor for your building, and upload and align a floor plan image to it.
  5. After adding a floor, you can click "+ New Marker" and add, position and name your first marker!

If you don't have floor plans, we can connect you with a company to come out and make floor plans for your building(s).

Infographics can easily be created by members of your staff, or we can help with the creation if needed.