Adding a Floor to a Building

Watch the video above to see someone add a floor to a building

Steps to add a floor to a building on a MapPlug account

1. Go to edit mode and click the building you want to work on

You need editing rights to edit any building. Once you click the building, a panel should open with information about the building, and some editing options.

2. Click "+ New Floor"

After the information panels open, there is a panel that shows how many floors a building currently has set up, and a button to set up a new floor.

3. Click "Choose File"

Choose a floor plan file from your hard drive. PNG or SVG files are best.

Tips for floor plan files:

4. Scale, size, rotate the floor plan to fit the building

Your floor plan file will load on your map over your building, but it needs to be moved around and made to lay over the building.

You can use the corners of the bounding box to scale the floor plan image, as well as click and drag the image to move it around. Note that you can stretch out the floor plan with the bounding box, which you may not want to do, so be mindful of how you stretch it.

If you need to rotate your floor plan to make it align with the building, use the rotation slider.

Tips for positioning the floor plan:

5. Save the floor

Click "Create New Floor" and you're done!

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