Adding an additional facility

Watch the video above to see someone add an infographic to a marker

A "facility" is a location with a unique street address. Buildings are different than facilities. The Solo and Base plans allow you to have one facility (IE 123 South Main Street) with multiple buildings at that location, and the Enterprise plan allows you to have multiple facilities (IE 123 South Main Street, 555 Deckard Lane, 894 Spring Hill Road, etc) and multiple buildings at those facilities. Another term for "facility" could simply be "location."

Steps to add an additional facility to your account

1. Make sure your account allows multiple facilities

Click on Account within the top right drop-down menu.

Click on Organization.

Make sure you have Enterprise plan selected so that you can add an additional facility.

2. Click the "Select a Facility" drop-down in the top left menu and click "New Facility"

3. Give the facility a name (example: Drexel University), a short name (basically initials for an abbreviation, example: DU), and type in the facility's street address

4. Move the facility on the map with the red marker if needed

Sometimes the red marker that denotes the center of the street address isn't totally accurate, and if this is the case, you can simply click the marker to drag it on the map to where you want it to be.

That's it! Additional facility is now added.

Add buildings, floors and markers as needed.

You can choose between your facilities in the drop-down menu in the top left that says "Select a Facility"

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