Adding an Infographic to a Marker

Watch the video above to see someone add an infographic to a marker

An infographic is a collection of images and text to attach information to a marker. It can be step by step instructions on how to handle a task, like turning off a water valve if there is flooding in a building. It can be where you store an Emergency Response Plan. It could just be information about an asset, like the last time something was serviced, who the manufacturer is, and how much you paid for it and when. The infographic creator is flexible so that you can use it for whatever you need.

Steps to add an infographic to a marker

1. Choose the building and floor that you want to work on

2. Click the pencil icon by the marker in the marker list

Note that if you've just created the marker, you won't have to take this step!

3. Click the "Open Editor" button

4. Add either an image or text

Infographics are blocks of information, and the block is either an image or text.

Add text. Enter the text you want into the text editor, and style it as you'd like. You can make text different colors, change the size, set it to bold or italics, create bullet lists and so on. You can also link to an external video, owners manual, or whatever you need by adding a link here.

Add an image. Choose the image from your local drive. The file name will be displayed, and then the image will show.

If you need to delete a block of information, use the trashcan icons.

5. Rearrange steps if you need to

If any of your steps are out of order, click and drag blocks to rearrange them with the "=" icon in the top right of the block.

Note that the infographic automatically saves as you work on it. Once you are done, click "Close" in the bottom right of the infographic window.

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