Inviting Users to Your Facility

Steps to invite a user to your MapPlug account

1. Go to your account screen

Click on your name or avatar in the top right menu, and click "Account" from the dropdown choices.

2. Click on "Users" in the left menu

3. Click the "Invite New User" button

4. Add their email address

5. Choose what permissions they have

A user by default only has the ability to see resources on the map, not to edit them. If you want the new user to be able to edit things, or do any administrative work pertaining to other user accounts, you can give them those permissions now.

6. Choose what Buildings and Marker Types they can access

If you have multiple buildings, you can choose which buildings the user will have access to by toggling those on (making the checkbox turn blue). If you want to give them access to all buildings easily, use the "Toggle All" slider.

If you want to limit the information they can see, like if you want to give a visiting plumber access to only Water related Markers, choose which Marker Types you want them to have access to by clicking the checkboxes.

If you want to give the user access to all Marker Types (this is generally recommended for regular staff), use the Toggle All switch.

7. Invite the user

Click the "Invite New User" button at the bottom right and they will get an email inviting them to join your MapPlug account.

Need to give someone access only temporarily? Need to remove a user?

If you are giving access to a technician who will only be at your facility for a short amount of time, you can visit their account from this same Users menu, click on the person, and then click on the trash can icon to remove them.

You can use this same process to remove old employees or anyone who no longer needs access to your facility information.

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