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Base Solo Site Enterprise
Number of geographic locations
?A geographic location is a unique building location. A school with multiple buildings counts as one location, but buildings with different mailing addresses would be multiple geographic locations.
1 1 Unlimited
Number of users
?Users have unique logins. For example, at a school, every teacher could be a user.
50500As many as you need
Number of Markers
?A marker denotes an individual asset, like a fire extenguisher, a light timer, a gas cut off, etc
Resell the service to your clients
?If you are a property or facility management company, you could sell this service to your own clients and charge them to maintain it.
Support email response within 2 buiness daysemail response within 1 business day
live chat support
email response within 1 business day
live chat support
phone support
Number of buildings
?A geographic location can have a collection of buildings, or just be one building
Upload your own assets and floorplans
?Set up your own buildings, adding floorplans to an interactive map of your property
Set up help available
?We can help you set up your building, too.
Floorplan creation available
?Don't have a floorplan of your building, or your floorplans are in the wrong format? We can help.
Secure access to data
?All data regarding your building and assets are stored securely
Visitor users with limited access
?Give someone temporary and limited access to your building. Allow a technician to only see HVAC related assets, for example.
Asign different access levels for users
?Give different levels of access to different users and allow people to see only what they need to see.
Custom Marker Types
?Examples of Marker Types are HVAC, water mains, junction boxes, sprinkler controls, thermostats, gas meters, etc. Create your own as needed.
Unlimited building floorplans
?Add as many floorplans as you need
iPhone / iPad / Android apps
?MapPlug works on your mobile devices
Online support forum
?Use our message board to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of MapPlug, and share your knowledge and experience.
90 day Money back guarantee
?Not happy with your experience using MapPlug? We will refund you.
Monthly subscription
Introductory rates
$19 / month

$9 / month
$49 / month

$29 / month
$99 / month for 1st Location plus $49 / month for additional locations
$49 / month for 1st Location plus $19 / month for additional locations
Annual subscription
Introductory rates
$199 / year

$99 / year
$499 / year

$299 / year
$999 / year for 1st Location plus $499 / year for additional locations
$499 / year for 1st Location plus $199 / year for additional locations
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*this product is not for public use. We reserve the right to limit the number of API pulls.

Other details

If you don't have floor plans, we can connect you with a company to come out and make floor plans for your building(s).

Infographics can easily be created by members of your staff, or we can help with the creation if needed.

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