How to work and communicate better with your building occupants

How to communicate better with your tenants

We asked 25 professional facility and property managers their advice on how to work best with their occupants. Most of the answers revolved around quick replies and a smile, and we’ve broken down and summarized all the feedback below! Smile Make it a point to smile at tenants, and get to know their names. The […]

How to better organize your day

How to organize your facility management day

We asked forty-five facility managers and property managers how they organize their workdays, and got a ton of different methods. There were some common themes among many respondents, and we’ve put those towards the top, with the rest below them. If you need a boost in your own time management and organization, maybe you can […]

How to maintain harmony within the facility management workplace

Facility Management staff harmony

We asked 25 property management and facility management professionals how they maintain harmony in their workplace and help their staff get along. Their answers are summarized and categorized below. How can you implement any of these tips to get your own staff to work together more harmoniously? What do you do to keep staff working […]

How to prioritize your facility management tasks

How to prioritize your facility management tasks

We asked 45 different facility management professionals how they prioritize all the tasks they need to get done at their buildings. Some gave simple answers, and some gave ideas that were a bit more in-depth. We’ve sorted them all here, and put the more common responses towards the top. How can you apply any of […]

Tips to improve your facility and property meetings

Staff meetings are a necessary evil in the facility management and property management world. People don’t always enjoy them, but if you know how to run them well, they can be effective, on topic, and perhaps even fun. We asked 25 facility management and property management professionals how they improve their meetings, and got a […]