Adding a Marker to a Building

Watch the video above to see someone add a marker to a building

Steps to add a marker to a building on a MapPlug account

1. Click the building you want to work with

2. Click the floor you want to add a marker to

3. Click the "+ New Marker" button

4. Drag the red default marker to position where your new marker will be on the map

Zoom in/out or drag the map if you need to reposition yourself. Click and drag the red marker to reposition it.

5. Choose your marker type from the dropdown

Once you choose a marker type, the marker on the map will change from the default red marker to a marker with the icon and color related to the maker type, like a blue marker with a meter icon for the water meter, for example.

6. Give your marker a name

This can be a generic name like "Water Cutoff" or something more specific like "Middle School Emergency Water Shut Off." Note that this descriptive name will show on the map when someone hovers over a marker.

7. Click "Create New Marker"

That's it! You've created a marker on the map.

You can create new markers quickly by repeating this process over and over from this screen.

Need to add an infographic (step by step instructions with images) to a marker? View the article "Adding an infographic" for help on how to do that.

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