Adding an Additional Building to a Facility

Steps to add a floor to a building on a MapPlug account

1. Click on the Facility name

You need to be in the edit facility mode to create a new building.

2. Click on "+ New Building"

3. Drag the red marker to the new building on the map

The default location for the new building is set to your facility's street address, so you will probably have to reset the building location.

Zoom out if your location is large and you don't see the other building on the map.

Drag the red marker to the center of the new building to set its location.

4. Give the building a name

The building is now saved!

5. Set up your floors

Optionally, once the building is saved, you can go ahead and set up your floors.

Visit the help article "Adding a floor" if you're a bit rusty on that process.

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